Friday, 22 August 2014

Back Home to Petroc and onward we go

Petroc has been as snug as a bug tucked up in Lower Park Marina in Barnoldswick for 2 weeks
A nice pontoon mooring with her nose tucked into the grass, electricity and water to hand.
Meanwhile we have gallivanting down south.  We have attended the wedding of nephew Marc to Anastasyia whilst staying with Emma & Dave, visited friends Ann & Keith for a couple of days, and had almost a week with Giles and Susannah, four days of which we were baby sitting the two boys whilst the rest of them went off to the Ukraine for a wedding.  In this last task we were assisted by Boe so it was a real family effort.   Geoff was in charge of Chickens, cats, dogs and emptying rubbish and did a sterling job.   He also cooked a magnificent cottage pie for us all whilst Boe and I took Oscar and Finley to Discovery Park for the day.
The boys were so well behaved (most of the time!) that it was enjoyable....they only started to play up after their parents return.....twas ever thus.

But how nice it is to come home to Petroc.   It was a long journey back for which we had to hire a car one way.  Geoff then had to return it to Leeds and get himself back to Petroc via train and bus......

Yesterday was the most miserable weather up here and I thought summer had deserted us whilst we had been away but this morning dawned bright and we reversed back to the marina office for an engine service.
By 10.30 all was complete and we were on our way again.  The Marina has proved an excellent place to leave the boat if necessary and we can recommend it.  The engine service and cost of mooring for 2 weeks was all  very reasonable.

Barney is all set to resume normal walk first thing as we depart.
Going past where we had been moored, the swans were in a flap about something
Dinky Boat
Good towpath, lovely scenery, sun shining .....what more could one want
Entrance to Foulridge tunnel.  It is one way traffic and one waits for the green light, which was 45 minutes as two boats were coming the other way.   The timings were not as our guide book stated but that could be because the book is 8 years old!
Our intended mooring place was not far beyond the tunnel.  The plan was to meet up with Hector & Sally on Hectors House for supper at the top of Barrowford Locks.  The moorings there were plentiful and as I write this at 1730 we are still the only ones moored here.   Geoff has gone to help Hectors House up the locks

We were lucky with our weather this morning as we were snugly tied up by 12.30 and afternoon proved very showery some of which were quite heavy......put paid to my setting the washing out to dry!

Total distance:4.16 miles

Elapsed time:2h14m38s 


Average speed:1.85 mph (1.85 lock/mph) 

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