Saturday, 12 July 2014

Up to the Bingley 3 rise

We decided to move up today to make the church and the pub for tomorrow more accessible.
So we went up the 2 rise locks and about a mile, swapping our rural scene for an urban one.   Having said that it is not without its charm and on the plus side the moorings just below the Bingley 3 rise are on the off side to the towpath, so we are not bothered so much by cyclists.

For quite a few miles now the towpath has been part of the National Cycle network and whether moored or walking it can sometimes be hazardous.

I do like these CRT notices
To be fair there are a large number of cyclists who are very polite and do manage to say thank you when you step aside for them (providing you have heard them coming from behind!) However there are also some who seem to think they own the path and just whizz past you as though they are royalty.   In some cases whizz is the operative word as some of them seem to go at a rate of knots, not slowing down at all as they go past.  perhaps it is the influence of the Tour de France.

We set off just after 8 which was just as well as by the time we moored up it was getting extremely hot.
Approaching Bingley

There are some BIG chimneys around this part of the world.
No prizes for guessing whose factory we are moored beneath
Rail, Road and canal altogether, and Petroc all alone.
We have seen 1 wide beam go up the locks today and half a dozen narrow boats have come down but it is really very quiet here.   There is noiise from the traffic and the trains but after a while you cease to notice it.   In fact as I write this you can hardly hear any of it a it is all being drowned out by the rain!!   The rain arrived about 8pm as forecast and is now quite heavy...still so long as it gets it over during the night we are not worried.
Total distance:1.20 miles
Elapsed time:
Average speed:1.06 mph (2.84 lock/mph)

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