Monday, 14 July 2014

Bingley 3 rise and Bingley 5 rise in slow.........time

We moved across to the lock landing just before 8am, having already decided that we would wait a while to see if another boat appeared to accompany us up the locks

We waited in vain and so just before 9 a very friendly lock keeper let us in

They do look quite daunting from down below. 
48 minutes later we are 30 ft higher at the top of the 3 and looking back at Bingley
The 5 rise is but a stones throw around the corner and the lock keeper said the upper lock keeper had said to wait at the bottom in the hope of another boat............

At this time of the morning there were no gongoozlers around.
We waited for nearly two hours but again it was in one else seems to have got up this morning.
The leaky gates gave our cratch cover a very good wash down!
Going up double locks alone is not one of my favourite pastimes.  However the lock keepers know their job and it was all quite gentle and only a small amount of wandering.   The trick is to keep ones nose gently on the cill as you rise, however with leaky gates it does mean water in the cratch.  Luckily we had closed the inner doors!

and now we were another 60 ft above Bingley
An easy day for Geoff on the locks and gates
We pulled over to the right by the cafe to use the sani station and then moored on the other side.  We shall stay here a couple of days.   I have designs on an ice cream from the cafe!!!

We were lucky with the weather, just one shower as we neared the top and the temperature remained very bearable much to my delight..

At about 6pm the only other boat of the day appeared from the top of the locks, so glad we had not waited longer.....

Total distance:0.37 miles 
Travelling time:1h52  Time en route 5 hours!

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