Friday, 25 July 2014

Skulking in Skipton

I have been very neglectful of my blog this week but I blame the weather......the extra hot days have penetrated this far north.

We did eventually move into Skipton on Monday
No locks on this stretch but plenty of swing bridges to keep us on our toes....lovely shade by this one.

Not a lot of choice of moorings and we had to be content with a space just before this bridge by the junction.  It was not ideal as there was a lot of pedestrian and cycling traffic on the towpath which impeded Barney's habit of lying alongside the boat!
We spent 2 days there whilst enjoying the delights of Skipton and then moved further back to a more congenial spot.   Out new place did not say anything about length of time we could stay either, unlike the first place where it was 3 days.  Not that that seems to make a difference to two of the boats moored there. They were there when we arrived on Monday and when we left on Friday!  I did notice a CRT chap walking down with his little electronic gizmo tapping in numbers but not sure if they ever act upon the information.

Total distance:4.91 miles 
Elapsed time:3h19m45s 
Average speed:1.47 mph (1.47 lock/mph) 

Our mail had arrived safely in Skipton using the Post Office for Post Restante...although one letter had the spelling of Restante incredibly distorted.   However the post office was a lot more efficient than the one in Shipley.    Still no post from PO Counters re the complaint I have filed........

Skipton is a delightful town with a lot to offer, a great pity it is not further South as we are looking for a congenial small town to move house to..........but not this far north.

The start of our evening walk
which passes below the castle walls before reaching the lovely shaded woods....still very hot
The remains of what was a huge gathering here for the Tour de France a couple of weeks ago.

As well as the High Street there are some lovely little shopping areas.

Holy Trinity Church...we were not here for a Sunday but Geoff managed to visit on Wed just a a Holy Communion Service was about to start......after which he visited the cafe there and fell foul of Chocolate Cake!

Entrance to the has been far too hot to visit the castle I fear.
The busy junction
My ambition whilst here was to take the bus to Bolton Abbey.  We had visited it by bus 7 years ago when we came through, but sadly last year a lot of the bus services were cut and it is not as easy.  However after a lot of ferreting around I discovered that we could get there with only one change and we could get a taxi back (it is only 6 miles away) and eventually persuaded Geoff that we would do it on Thursday.  However this heat wave shows no signs of abating so reluctantly I conceded that it might be a bit hot for me.  I have designs on doing it next week if it is cooler.

Meanwhile after an early morning visit to Tesco, conveniently close to the boat, we turned round at the junction and have come back out to Low Bradley for the weekend in the countryside.....still baking hot.
A very gently and pleasant early morning cruise.  We have moored just in front of Sunflower with Rob and Ann on board.  We last met them on the Wigan Flight 7 years ago.......small world.   had coffee together this am and plan on evening drinks......

Total distance:2.30 miles 
Elapsed time:1h7m37s 
Average speed:2.04 mph (2.04 lock/mph) 

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