Monday, 7 July 2014

Long weekend in Woodlesford

Later on Friday the rain came but we were not bothered as we were dry down continued through the night and into the early hours but then everything perked up and we had a good weekend.
Saturday was shopping day.  It was a good 20 minute walk uphill to a co-op and a very good butchers, so we were forced to stop for a pint at the pub on the way back!

A neat little boat
Oodles of mooring space....they seem to be permanent on the left but more than enough room on the right.
You can walk the towpath to the next lock, cross over and walk back to Woodlesford lock on the other side.
and you will pass these carvings on the return trip on the other side.

On Sunday we had a longer walk to church as  they had very inconveniently closed Woodlesford Church in 1990, so we had to walk to Oulton the next village.  Normally I look these things up beforehand but this time I neglected so to do!
A very pretty pub opposite the church, however we had decided not to have Sunday lunch out as normal partly because it was an early service and partly because it was the Wimbledon Men's Finals.....or should I say Gentleman's Finals.   I am sure it was always called men's finals until a couple of years ago....
It was a humdinger of a match.  Unfortunately Federer lost as I had a £20 bet on with Rebecca.  We were both watching it alone (Geoff was watching the Grand Prix).  We both had to content ourselves with shouting alone and messenger texting!

When we returned to the lock there were about 40 or so Huskie dogs obviously having a gathering of some sort.
The lock itself and all the surrounds are kept in beautiful condition
On Monday we turned Petroc round (the beauty of wide waterways) and went back down the lock and back to the top of Lemonroyd lock.  This was not only to use the sani block but to give Petroc a very much needed wash down.    Although we are seeing a few more boats now it is still really quiet so we banked on nobody else wanting the water point at the same time.  We were lucky and could even turn Petroc to do both sides........a good mornings work.  The object of this exercise is so that we can go straight through Leeds tomorrow and not have to stop.   

2 locks(same one!)
2.5 miles

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