Sunday, 20 July 2014

Still at Kildwick!

They certainly entered into the spirit of the Tour de France in this part of the world
Well the plan was to go to Skipton for the weekend but this was such a lovely spot we decided to stay a while.   There are no mooring restrictions, a church and a pub close by and a small Co op a little bit further walk.   All we need .....
Friday was spent with me doing some work and Geoff & Barney exploring the surrounding area.  We did not have the extra hot weather that the rest of the country seemed to be experiencing, just nice and warm without being unpleasant.   Saturday was completely different as we had heavy pouring rain most of the day. Barney was not impressed when persuaded it was time for a walk.....
A lovely weather vane on top of the school
Friday's view....not Saturday's!
Just beyond the next swing bridge there are more houses with lovingly tended gardens
In fact this whole area seems to have neat and clean villages and even the canal in places is very neat and clean

Sunday morning we went to St Andrews Church where they served delicious home made cake with their coffee afterwards...a definite plus.

We decided to cancel our booking for lunch at the pub.  They advertised Sunday Roast at £6.95 which seemed very reasonable but upon checking.......when we went for a drink on Friday evening, they said they was off for the summer.  They just had their normal menu which was not exciting and more expensive......tourist time I guess.  So instead we have a sausage casserole in the oven!

In fact there are far more boats around all of a sudden.  Lots of hire boats from Silden and also day boats from Snagill up ahead.   Some of them go past at a moderate speed but there seem to be an increasing number who have lost the art of slowing down for moored boats.   It is not the hirers in the main either!   Maybe it is just us and we go past boats too slowly.........

We have been following all the talk of huge thunderstorms over the country with fantastic lightning, but they all seemed to have passed us by.....unless of course we have slept through them.

We really are planning to move tomorrow.......................

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