Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Return to Skipton

It is a good job that Monday is one of our two light eating days as this was what Geoffrey polished off after his Sunday lunch yesterday.  Admittedly I was allowed a couple of spoonfuls.
Since this photograph was taken he has had a visit to the barbers!
So earlyish Monday we gently wandered back to Skipton, after going in the other direction for about a mile until we could turn round.

We used the sani station and then tried our luck round the corner after the junction and we were in luck.  We found a congenial spot with a nice wide bit of towpath for Barney.  He likes to sit and watch the world go back and is very responsive to the many people who stop and make a fuss of him...he likes them even better if they have doggie treats in their pocket. 

So we have stayed here a couple of night doings not a lot, mooching around the town, little bit of shopping, lots of reading...aint life grand.    The only blot on the horizon is that we seem to be in a black hole for the TV....never mind we have 8 episodes of Endeavour recorded!!!

Tomorrow it will be onward towards Gargrave......but not all the way......
Total distance:3.22 miles 
Elapsed time:2h26m57s 
Average speed:1.32 mph (1.32 lock/mph) 

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