Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Home to Petroc

Well ....busman's holiday over (or do I mean boatmans...).
6 days (well really only 5 and a bit after the travelling was done) aboard the Anacolouthe being very well looked after as we cruised up the Seine and through Paris.   The included wine, which we expected to be a glass of white and a glass of red at each meal, turned out to be continuous!!!  The food was wonderful and as there were only 45 passengers  it was like a large family gathering.  Most people were very congenial and interesting to talk to, but as in any group there were one or two to be avoided!!.

There was a jacuzzi situated on the foredeck and since the weather was a little chilly they offered a bottle of champagne to the first 6 people to take a dip....I could only find 2 other willing volunteers so we had the bottle to ourselves.
There were several shore excursions and one of these was to Monets garden at Giverney

After a weekend chez grandchildren we are now back on Petroc where it appears I am expected to cook...I think I shall return to France.
To add insult to injury we were greeted by water on the floor and it appeared our hot water tank had a problem, so we had to spend a night with no water and millions of towels on the floor........all fixed now though.
So getting ready very slowly and expect to set off next Monday.  Friends to see and various things to do.
Helen and Paul who own the boatyard here at Clifton are taking their boat, Barrowgill, down to London to as they will be one of the 40 narrowboats taking part in the 1000 boat gala cruise down the Thames for the Jubilee.

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Boe said...

oooooh champagne is a jacuzzi...i can't wait for retirement!!!