Friday, 25 May 2012

Farewell Coventry and back to Hawkesbury........

Coventry Basin

...............and all for breakfast in the Greyhound.  Since they only do them on Sat and Sun we had to go to Coventry to fill in time!!
We went to town early to visit the market, although we were still well stocked up.  However we managed to buy a few fresh fruit and veg bargains.   4 avocados for a £1 has to be good value.  Tasty too.
I also managed to find a new watch of the sort I required (need back light to see the time in the night on my many awakenings!).  The replacement was needed as somehow my previous one had managed to go through Giles and Susannah's washing machine.  How it got there is a is either senility creeping in or little playful fingers.  Sadly I suspect the former.........
The run back was somewhat shorter than yesterday as there were no stops to clear the weed hatch, despite going through several mucky areas.
Just by bridge 2 we passed these imposing buildings
Cash`s Hundreds
Known as Cash`s Hundreds as they were three-storey workers` terraced cottages built for Joseph Cash`s workforce.  They provided housing on the first and second floors and space for the individual weavers looms on the top.   A steam engine powered the looms via a network of overhead pulleys.  There were supposed to be 100 dwellings but only 48 were ever built.
Moored back at Hawkesbury just short of the junction. 
Another very warm day but there was a good breeze so it was very pleasant.  Whilst Geoff siestered during the afternoon, (he is very disappointed if he has to miss it!!) Barney and I took a stroll and spent some time sitting in the shade on the grass by the sharp turn at the junction.  We were unashamedly `gongoozling`.   It is wonderful to see other peoples efforts at negotiating the turn especially when several boats arrive at once.
5.35 miles, 0 locks, 2hrs 19min

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