Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ashby Canal

Petroc in the background in a pleasantly peaceful mooring
 Click picture to see bridge detail
 On closer inspection see what we were moored beneath!
We had a good cooked breakfast at the Greyhound and set off about 10.30. Clear blue skies again but with quite a breeze blowing.  This had the advantage of keeping the temperature reasonable but the disadvantage of making steering difficult at times.  Certainly no moments of inattention were advisable...

After turning onto the Ashby we met several boats coming the other way, at one stage there were 3 in a line closely followed by a canoe....did they know something we didn`t.
We also passed some houses with beautifully manicured gardens
The traffic died down after a while and we meandered through largely isolated countryside, however the wind remained (see the ripples on the water)
It didn't seem to bother proud mum 
We moored after a while close to the A5 (far enough away so that the noise is not too bothersome (unlike the generator on the boat behind!) and a suitable pub for Sunday lunch tomorrow.......although it is a good 2 mile walk to church.   Geoff tested it out today
One of the good things of the wind today was it drying capability as you can see from the following video.

7.88 miles, 0 locks, 2hrs 54 min

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Adam said...

You've got yourself a spin dryer!