Sunday, 27 May 2012


The walk to church in Hinkley was a fair old stride but worth it as we were made very welcome and it was an interesting service.    For the second week running we had hit their monthly `All Together` service.    This seems to be the term for what we know as family service but hedging their bets in case there are no children!!!   However in this case there were quite a few youngsters who departed during part of the service to 3 separate age group classes.  The service was a blend of quite high church and delightful informality.   At one stage various people stood up to tell of doings during the week and Geoff had to stand up and say we were visiting etc and where we had come from, he casually dropped the info about the long walk which had the desired result!!  We were offered a lift back.    This in turn gave rise to another problem.  Since I was getting into a car I failed to notice that I had left behind my hiking stick............very upsetting as I find it makes walking so much easier.  In this case John, the Vicar, was extremely kind and drove down with it.   We then had a very acceptable and reasonably priced Sunday lunch in the Lime Kilns pub close to our mooring..........and another lazy afternoon with lots of sun.   Luckily the wind was still blowing so it kept it cooler.

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