Friday, 18 May 2012

Back to Hillmorton

A somewhat gusty trip back to Hillmorton this morning which made life interesting at times......the hardest bit being to escape from the bank when we set off! At least it stayed dry. However now moored at the top of the locks ideally placed for supper in the Bistro this evening. On the kettle gave a little this the forerunner to a full blown whistle when it grows up? We will persevere. I wanted to take it back to Midland Chandlers and complain but Geoff did the long walk back from our open mooring to fetch the paper and he does not do returning faulty goods..........Hey Ho
 5.5 miles, 0 locks


John Fraser said...

Select "concerned consumer" mode then select"ON". Be firm, clear in what you perceive to be the problem, clear in what you want THEM to do about it and state the time scale.
So far this week I've had a) a new bandsaw blade b)a new pair of pyjamas from Marks c) an extra pack of fillet steak from Donald Russel with my next order and no shouting or tantrums involved. Result!!
But apart from that I hope you have a good cruise this year.


gbl said...

you have done well...trouble is that your remedy is a bit OTT for a £6 I am the optimist in this family I live in hope of the sueak getting better

Annie Hall said...

Delighted to see you are back on the water. We plan to be in the Lake District at the beginning of July so will see if you are en route!
Take care.
Love A&K