Tuesday, 22 May 2012

from Thermals to shorts!!

Monday was to be the scheduled departure but after doing last minute shopping, we found several reasons to delay...........still cold and grey, both of us still full of a nasty cold, Geoff had a splitting headache.........(The shopping got to him) so we rescheduled for Tuesday.
Today we awoke to sunshine and everything seemed much better so we said our goodbyes and set sail.
We had no particular destination in mind, en route we passed several of the lovely wrought iron bridges on this stretch
and some of the well worn brick ones

Not long after Clifton we passed through the Newbold Tunnel, which is clean, dry and very prettily lit up.  Pity not all tunnels are the same!
We half thought we might moor at Stretton but several forays into the bank proved fruitless due to the sloping sides. Eventually our patience was rewarded and we found a good spot half way between Stretton and Anstey, nicely out in the open with good views.
We passed two boats with friends on we had not seen for a while, but sadly not anywhere where we could stop and have a catch up.  The first was Klim and Tina on Brindley, followed a while later by Gillian & Ian on Per Angusta.  
Whilst walking the towpath to Tesco's on Monday I had seen Iron Butterfly moored opposite but see no sign of life.  I half thought we might see them later going past us at Clifton, but having read their blog I see that we were not there as they passed.........ships that pass in the night.......
So it has been a good first trip of the season (I don't count the shake down cruise as we were going in the other direction) followed by a really lazy afternoon....and the sun is still shining........
.......and later we were forced to sit out in the sun for our pre prandial drink!

9.2 miles, 0 locks, 3hrs 30min

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