Saturday, 7 June 2008

Still at Hungerford

Well here I am on my new computer at last. We all set off by train on Friday(yesterday), Geoff to Newbury and the gnasher repair man (all fixed, thankfully) and Emma and I to Kintbury to collect her car and return to Leamington. I was hoping that the vouchers to purchase my new computer had arrived and they had. So after a quick lunch we went to Coventry and after some deliberation the new model was secured. It is all very well to have a shiny new toy but reinstalling all my software and downloading all updates etc from the web is very time consuming and at times frustrating. The worst part is that some of my software won't run with Vista so that is causing me some headaches at the moment.
When Geoff arrived back at Petroc he found a note from John & Fiona Slee to say they had called. he was disappointed to have missed them but as he read the note they appeared from a convenient bench where they had been indulging in an ice-cream. I hope I shall catch up with them when we are a little further down. After their return Fi sent me some photographs they had taken of Petroc here in Hungerford and the one you can see here is John knocking at our back door!!

I arrived back about 2.30 and had a beautiful afternoon in the sun and would you believe the forecast for tomorrow is good....will it last

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