Sunday, 1 June 2008


Glorious day yesterday (Sat). We walked into Hungerford along the towpath and treated ourselves to coffee & cake on arrival. I caught the bus back but Geoff walked. I wanted to try out my new universal bus pass for we old folk! For a journey which would have taken 5 mins on the train I had an exciting half hour bus ride through some very narrow country lanes. We seemed to be going at at rate of knots but it was probably deceptive and anyway it was free!!! Spent the afternoon with chair out on towpath in the sunshine and also managed to get the washing done and largely dried.....however all good things come to an end and we awoke to rain yet again this morning.....
A horse drawn tripper boat operates in this area so he passed by several times. The crew leading the horse had to walk along the roofs of our boats to hold the line above all the obstructions there.
This morning (Sunday 1st June) we went to the local Church and it was Family Communion. Quite a few children and a reasonably sized congregation with a choir. The vicar (lady) talked about the building of one's house on rock or sand with the use of lots of props.....the kids thought it was great fun. A good service and everyone very friendly again.
Lunch is booked in The Blue Ball pub for where we shall shortly depart. Rain has stopped but very gloomy and forecast not good.
We had an email from Ten Bob Note to say they had been stuck at the lock at Benson because the Thames was high and the boards were on red. Think they were downgraded to yellow this morning so they were making a dash for the Oxford before any more rain fell.

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