Friday, 13 June 2008

Layover in Devizes

It should have been a lazy day today but we seem to have filled it very well. Shopping this morning and by the time we reached Petroc Geoff's arms were two feet longer!!! So this afternoon I went on the hunt and I now have a new toy...a very luridly coloured shopping trolley on wheels...Geoff says he will not be using it!!

At lunchtime Jan & Bob Allen dropped in as they were en-route close by. It was lovely to see them.
Early afternoon Epiphany with John & Fi arrived and as there were no mooring spaces left they have breasted up to us. They have come for the Meeting being held here by British Waterways in one of the local hotels.
We met Peter from Gospel Belle who is one of the roving ministers of the Boaters Christian Fellowship and had a pleasant chat.

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Nick & Sam NB Rebecca said...

Just saying hi, I'm the chap who interrupted you while you were writing your blog this evening. Thanks for the chat about the internet,
Enjoy the flight tomorrow.

Nick. NB Rebecca