Monday, 5 May 2008

Still at Cropredy

Monday 5th May

Awoke to the pitter patter of rain so didn’t bother to rise early. We decided to stay put for the day and wait for better weather. I spent the morning wrestling with Giles accounts and after numerous phone calls to him I managed to complete the job by 1pm. Meanwhile Geoff had made a homemade soup, the rain had stopped and it was a warm sunny day……however we don’t start travelling after lunch so had a lazy afternoon. The plan is to continue tomorrow to Banbury

Sunday 4th May

Very busy day……Geoff missed his siesta!! We went to church in the morning, which was a lovely service with an excellent sermon. The service was led, and sermon given, by John Langridge whom it turns out is a good friend of John & Fiona Slee….small world….
Everyone was extremely friendly and we joined them for coffee after the service.
Emma and I then took Parga for a long walk, ending up crawling through a hedge to get back onto the towpath!
We were then joined by friends Iain & Christine Gillespie and daughter Fiona for lunch in the Red Lion. An excellent lunch and can thoroughly recommend it.
Coffee followed for all on Petroc, where Parga tried hard to molest all the Gillespie family.
Emma departed a little later and I settled down for what I hoped was a quick hour doing Giles ‘ accounts for April. Unfortunately it would appear that my son’s architectural capabilities far exceed his admin capabilities and after 2 hours I had to give up. I think I shall have to give notice of quitting this last accounting job of mine unless he mends his ways!!

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