Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Onto the Thames

Well we are now in virgin territory. We left the Oxford canal at Dukes Cut and are now on our way to Lechlade. It is very strange to be on a much wider waterway. It was quite windy today although sunny and the many sharp ends required concentration at times. We have been through two locks today and very different from the narrow locks of the Oxford. Apart from the fact that we are back to double locks they all have lock-keepers which makes life much easier. We have seen very few other boats, just a couple of narrow boats going the other way and a Cornish Shrimper with his mast down. Weather still fantastic as you an see from Geoff n his shorts!

We have found a mooring in a pleasant spot with one or two disadvantages.....firstly the pub near the mooring does not open on Tuesdays so Emma's offer to take us out to dinner necessitated getting in the car. Secondly the bank is rather high and it takes two of us to get Ellie on and off the boat. Parga does not have the same problem...Emma is here as she did a mail run down for us to bring me the discs which Alan has kindly sent from home which I need when I eventually get my computer up ad running again. Unfortunately the recovery discs which have been sent (I hope) from Hewlett Packard still have not arrived so I am dependent on Emma bringing her computer with her.

The pub we found was the "The Rose Revived" about 3 1/2 miles upstream from where we are moored and we had an excellent meal....recommended if anyone passes this way.

Tomorrow we plan a longer day to get us almost to Lechlade.

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