Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Cruising as it should be today.......we managed a reasonably early start well before 8am in sunshine and shorts! Somewhat delayed at the water point at the bottom of Cropredy lock as it was not functioning. However the presence of 2 BW men were promising so we decided to sit and wait. We were impressed they were there so early and duly fed them coffee to encourage them..... Eventually on our way about 9.15 fully watered so I was allowed to put the washing machine on!

Delightful and very leisurely run to Banbury. Just short of Banbury we pass slowly under the M40 and this is when we count our blessings that we are underneath it and not on it. We arrived about 1145 and managed to find our favourite spot just short of bridge 164 opposite the park and a short stroll into town.

We have heard that the water on the Thames is quite high so we are not rushing down to Oxford. The hope is that a spell of dry weather this week will allow it to abate a little.

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