Monday, 26 May 2008

Rain at Woolhampton

Well, as predicted we are holed up here for the day. Yesterday, Sunday, was not quite as bad as forecast. We only got a little wet as we climbed the steep hill to St Peters Church where we had a very warm welcome. We chatted to lots of people who told us all about their local experiences in the floods last year. The canal itself was not a problem, but the surrounding fields were. As we sit here today I trust we are not in for a repeat performance. I have already braved the weather, well wrapped up in my long mac and wellies to take Ellie for a very short stroll and then to visit the local store for the paper. I can't help but remember this same weekend last year when we were at Crick Boat Show with Petroc on show. Whilst the Saturday was lovely, the Sunday and Monday were a complete wash out. This year we are glad we are not there but have sympathy for John & Fiona Slee whom we know are helping Bath Narrowboats. We hope to catch up with them further down so no doubt we shall hear all about it.

Yesterday after a very good lunch in the Rowbarge canalside pub Edith caught the Bus(substitute train) back to Reading. Her timing for her visit was well done, she has escaped before the worst. In two days we managed to show her town cruising, countryside cruising, sunshine, rain, locks, churches and pubs so not bad for two days!

The plan is to move slowly onwards tomorrow if there is an improvement in the weather. If not we shall be staying here. Luckily we are moored just outside the 48hr strip so there is no problem. There are notices which say that if you exceed 48hours you will be charged £25 PER DAY for the first 7 days and then £50 PER DAY for each subsequent day.. However we do wonder who polices it and if anyone does actually get charged.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog.
We are moored behind you sharing the same lovely weather!!!
We originate from Cornwall also - Helston/Porthleven area.
Have added your blog to our web site.
All the best
Ernie & Rhonda

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Gill

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I love the cruise log style as it allows me to follow you and share your adventures even though I'm stuck on dry land for the moment! Please keep it up!

All the best