Friday, 23 May 2008


Last night (Thursday) we spent in Goring where Giles, Susannah and Ella came to visit us. They took us by car to see the house they are negotiating to purchase in Goring Heath. They also took us for dinner in what will be their closest pub where we had a lovely (but expensive) meal. At least it was expensive by our standards but not by theirs as they say they are used to London prices. The mooring here was just below the lock and in a very pretty setting although not quite as open as Abingdon. On the plus side the bank was not as high as the previous night at Wallingford so Ellie was dead chuffed!!!
Today Friday we set off just before 9am and although it was dry for the most part it was decidedly chilly and it was back to thick coats and (in my case) woolly hat!
The stretch of the Thames over the last few days has been very congenial. The lock are all double, long locks with a lock-keeper so life is very easy. We have been through lots of deserted countryside interspersed with some wonderful houses with gardens running down to the river.....where do some people get the money from!!!
We stopped at Reading Marine to take on diesel where we were shocked to find the price of 85p per litre. About 3 weeks ago at Ayno Wharf we paid 73p. A little further on we stopped at the mooring adjacent to a large Tesco's to stock up and had some lunch.
Just after here we turned onto the Kennett & Avon and our last mechanised lock for a while....back to the grindstone and a much slower progress. The lock was not manned however so Geoff had to do some running around between gates, paddles and mooring lines. I just take the stern line and the tiller!!!!
Shortly after the lock we decided to go round the loop where our book showed moorings and see what they were like. They are not the most salubrious we have been in but neither are they the worst so we decided to quit for the day. We are moored by the ruins of an Abbey and also alongside Reading Goal!!! When I told Emma on the phone about her fathers choice of mooring place she said at least if anyone was escaping they probably wouldn't choose a narrowboat for their getaway!! A crumb of comfort I suppose.
We are in the heart of Reading and about a 10 min walk from the large Oracle shopping centre. We are expecting Edith, sister-in-law, for the night and tomorrow so we shall see where she manages to park.

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