Sunday, 21 May 2017

Weekend in Braunston

View from my kitchen window
Friday dawned almost as bad a Wednesday had been so it was another day of snuggling down below....I am getting through my reading material at a rate of knots.

The original plan was to move further in to position ourselves closer to the Gongoozlers Rest for our Saturday cooked breakfast but the weather put paid to that.   Instead we ambled in early on Saturday morning.  

A good breakfast set us up for the day or in my case down for the day.   Cannot shake off my cold and the early start followed by a huge breakfast (Feed a cold...) then the trek up the hill to the village for some shopping, forced me to spend the rest of the day reclining.

Today we went to Braunston church for their Holy Communion at 11....a gentle start to the day.
They have a very lively and fervent lady vicar who is delightful.  

By sheer chance Geoff chose to sit where we found this kneeler.
We stopped for a pint (ginger beer for me!) at the Boat House and were almost swayed by their carvery.  However I had taken some lamb chops out of the freezer and we decided they were more appealing.   I think the Boathouse could be accused of discrimination.   They boldly offer 2 for 1 on all their main courses but they are bumped up prices.....£14 for the carvery....   £7 each if you are a couple which is very reasonable  but if you were on your own that makes it an expensive carvery.

Fridays trip

Total distance:0.98 miles 
Elapsed time:0h33m39s
Average speed:1.75 mph (1.75 lock/mph) 

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