Tuesday, 16 May 2017

......and just a little bit further.

Hillmorton Bottom Lock
Hillmorton Bottom Lock (from the bottom!)
A pleasant weekend at Hillmorton, we still had the car so did some last minute grocery shopping on Saturday.

On Sunday we went to Communion at St John the Baptist  church which proved to a lively service.   They have a vicar and a curate just for the one church, however the vicar did say they were a community of 10,000.  They certainly seem to have a lot going on, something on most days of the week.

This was followed by a late Brunch at Badseys Bistro...had to be done.

Monday morning I called Clifton to advise the non operation of one of the new aerials and they were there within the hour and it now seems to be fixed........a faulty lead apparently. 

Today Geoff drove the car back to Clifton and walked back with Barnaby......umbilical cord cut.
and then we moved on a few more paces....not many.    A gentle trip through the 3 locks and quite lucky with the weather, only a couple of light showers...where has all the sunshine gone?

When Geoff went to do his engine checks this evening he discovered that the new bilge pump is not working, so he had a nice job drying out the engine compartment.   Have texted Clifton again.....
However we are not very accessible where we are at Barby and the forecast for tomorrow is dire.  If it is as bad as they say we shall be staying put.

Total distance:2.96 miles 
Elapsed time:2h08m12s 

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