Thursday, 11 May 2017

A gentle start to cruising for the year

We have escaped!

We have been back on Petroc for about 10 days, however it was interspersed with a family gathering at the weekend.  In between times we have been trying to sort ourselves out and also to wait for several of the winter jobs to be completed on the good ship Petroc.

Rob at the yard had kindly moved us onto the wharf for ease of access with all the comings and goings.  Our new real winter position is way down the new arm.  Once the pilings are completed and maybe a bit more dredging it will be a lovely spot.  At the moment however Barney and I would not be able to negotiate getting on and off.

The yard is due to be very busy tomorrow on the wharf so we decided to beat a hasty retreat and seek some open country side.   We have found a lovely spot in open countryside where will will stay for the weekend.  We have booked to attend a BCF gathering at the Greyhound on Saturday.  Originally we were going to pass there so it seemed a good idea....however the best laid plans etc.  The skipper has decided that instead of going north to the Llangollen to start we will venture down the Oxford......there is even talk of going onto the Thames....we shall see.

We had various jobs done on Petroc before venturing out including having two aerials fitted at either end for TV.   The front one for the main TV appears to work fine but the rear one for my TV gets absolutely nothing........identical aerials.....very disappointing.   Geoff is not a happy bear.  Further trials tomorrow.

Total distance:1.20 miles 
Elapsed time:0h35m34s 
Average speed:2.02 mph (2.02 lock/mph) 

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