Thursday, 18 May 2017

After the deluge ...the sunshine

Yesterday has to have been the most dire day we have had cruising for a long while......not that we did any cruising.  We were moored in a lovely spot in the Barby area and for me it was a day of catching up with some work on the computer (Giles accounts!!) in the morning and a delightfully lazy afternoon with crosswords, sudoko, scrabble online and a good book.......

Geoff on the other hand decided to take himself off with Barnaby to walk into Barby.. When he left there was only a little rain so he hoped the forecast would prove incorrect!   By the time they came back they were like two drowned rats......what a pitiful sight.  The rain had set in well and proper and there was no let up all day.

However this morning we awoke to brilliant sunshine so all is right with the world again.
Another short trip, we are getting to Braunston very slowly.   Still trying to sort out a few things on Petroc.   No TV reception from our two new aerials which is driving Geoff suggestion that it must be where we are moored did not meet with a good reception........

I also am convinced I keep getting a whiff of gas smell which of course Geoff cannot sample as he has no sense of smell.  Phoned Rob at Clifton and on his advice Geoff has been round all the joints in the gas locker with washing up liquid but couldn't detect any bubbles.   So is it my imagination?

After a short trip we have moored in another peaceful rural spot.   Cows in the field and the spire of Braunston Church in the distance.    Geoff walked in for the paper to have his exercise for the day.

Another peaceful mooring

Barby Pools marina under construction.
We passed this soon to be entrance soon after our departure
Total distance:1.56 miles 
Elapsed time:0h41m35s 
Average speed:2.24 mph (2.24 lock/mph) 

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