Thursday, 25 May 2017

gently along the summit

Wednesday 24th 

Someone is obviously living quite comfortably here but can never get out on the canal.
We first saw this several years ago and its still here   does anyone know who lives here and how they manage for water etc???
Wednesday was supposed to be the last 3 locks to the summit and then the meandering cruise along the summit to Fenny Compton.  It was one of our an early starts but along the way we were seduced by such a lovely spot just before bridge 130....on top of the world.... so just had to stop and leave Fenny for another day.

Geoff took full advantage, even sitting out in my chair for a short while, something he seldom does.   Please note he is in shorts...that takes a lot.
We were eventually joined by a couple of other boats but they wee not too close and didn`t disturb the fantastic peace,

Total distance:5.43 miles 
Elapsed time:2h37m53s
Average speed:2.06 mph (3.20 lock/mph)

Thursday 25th

Not such an early start today as we wanted to find a space at Fenny and needed people to be on the move.    As forecast it was very hot.   Geoff decided he wanted to walk in as he hadn't made his 10,000 steps yesterday.  He may not have been hot walking (so he said) but I certainly was on the back of the boat.   I had the umbrella to use as a sunshade but that gets a bit unwieldy when trying to negotiate past another boat in a narrow stretch!!

On reaching Fenny there was just one space on the 14 day moorings before bridge.   It is a bit more secluded here than alongside the pub.  However the pub just had to be visited as they do 2 meals for a tenner before 6pm.  We knew from calling in here by car on our way to Petroc that they were extremely good value.    We were not disappointed.   In fact I returned a little later to have a dessert and avail myself of their wifi to watch the last episode of Grantchester which I had missed last Sunday.  

Total distance:2.84 miles 
Elapsed time:1h20m48s 
Average speed:2.11 mph (2.11 lock/mph)

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