Friday, 30 April 2010

Top of Foxton Locks

Friday 30th April
Lucky again with the morning weather, even had a good while sitting in the sun on arrival at Foxton before battening down the hatches for the afternoon rain.
I walked with Barney as far as the last bridge before Husbands Bosworth tunnel and was very glad I had decided not to walk up to the tunnel itself.  The path was narrow and a quagmire from thereon.   In fact the approach, either side, of the tunnel is a mite dank.   The run was only enlightened by the sight of a muntjak deer which kept us company for a while.
Later, Geoff walked from bridge 52 into Foxton...Barney gets a double dose of walking!!  There was plenty of space at the top where we wanted to moor.....the advantage of going early and stopping was full by the end of the afternoon.   Not very busy on the locks.
An early evening walk to suss out Pub and Church for Sunday.   The pub was successful and we have booked at the Black Horse, but the church only displayed April services.  Despite searching online I cannot find any other info.  However we are meeting friends Fran & Keith on Saturday for a meal down at the bottom of the locks, we may walk into the village and see if anyone has updated things.
Swans may look wonderful but need a healthy regard.   This one insisted on pestering Geoff as he was smoking through the side doors and eventually gave him a quick darting peck on the hand.......

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BigJohn said...

Hi Gill
Are you aware of The Boaters Christian Fellowship Online Church Directory?

They show a phone number for Foxton Church here

How is the laptop? Have you got any help sorting the crashes?