Monday, 26 April 2010

Too good to be true!

Monday 26th

Just when you think everything is going swimmingly.....wham!

We had a good mooring place just short of Braunston, the sun shone and we walked up to the Admiral Nelson, beyond the 2nd lock, to meet up with Emma who was visiting for a couple of days. The pub has, in our opinion anyway, gone downhill, not nearly as good as on previous years and we decided it was not the place for our Sunday lunch.

Sunday morning was 11 o'clock communion at Braunston church where we had a warm welcome and sow some familiar places from previous visits. Emma had departed on a practice run.......
First visitor of the year

On one of the congregations recommendation we decided to try the Old Plough for our lunch but first back to Petroc to run the engine for the day and to heat the water up for Emma's long shower.........Geoff regularly calls out whilst she is my water!!

When we went back to check on the engine after a while we found clouds of white smoke billowing out...very reminiscent of last year's problems with water in the diesel. Needless to say it completely ruined Geoff's Sunday......

Since we were not far from Clifton we decided to wait until Monday morning and see if Neil could come out to us, however when we called first thing he had called in sick having done his back in, so it was River Canal Rescue. They were extremely good and had someone therein just over an hour.....after a lot of fiddling he eventually got her going again and pronounced that we had `diesel bug`. We must be jinxed where diesel is concerned....last year water, this year a bug.

Meanwhile I have developed a tooth problem which necessitates a trip to a dentist....that is all arranged for tomorrow morning and Emma has stayed on an extra day to take me to Leamington Spa...she has worked today as she was up at the crack of sparrows to visit two patients.

We have now moved up through 2 of the locks and are moored by the Admiral Nelson. We are so glad we did not come up here on Saturday as it was full of partying boats.

We await the next thing to go wrong.........................

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Last years water is the cause of this springs bug, the bugs grow in the water,diesel interface