Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Wednesday 28th April

View from our mooring above lock 2 at Braunston

Off for a reasonably early start at 8am. After the 4 Braunston locks we had still to navigate and then the tunnel, Barney and I went for a gentle stroll as far as the junction.
 Daffodils along the towpath at the bottom of the Watford Locks
 Geoff chats to anyone & eveyone
Not so many boats around today and we hoped to be lucky at the Watford locks. However despite the lock-keeper telling us it was very quiet, it took us a long time to get through, much waiting around. However we are not in a rush and I managed to fill the time in with doing my crossword!
Nice Life!
Still having problems with my computer crashing whilst running Navvygator, but thanks to the help of John Slee on Epiphany, I am becoming a dab hand at stitching the HTML files together when we reach our destination and it all seems to upload OK. This is what is providing the two pictures to the right of this page with our position on. Geoff is rather impatient when I insist on going below to restart the program when we are in a lock!!! However I am having fun trying to crack it.......

Lunched en route and now moored close to Crick Marina from whence Geoff can walk to get the paper in the morning before we set off.

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