Thursday, 29 April 2010

Junction with Welford Arm

Having heard the forecast for rain this pm, we set off at 8 and had a delightful morning run.   Very few boats around.
Peaceful canal

However whilst I was walking one boat managed to put Petroc on the mud at an alarming angle.  He pulled off his mooring in a narrow part of the canal and Geoff had no option but to move over.   When I climbed back on board I was greeted by several tins fallen off shelves and cupboards open but no damage luckily.

Along the way I came across this milestone.  I cannot find any info through google about living milestones...does anyone have a clue.    The OUCS is the Old Union Canal Society but that is as far as I have got.

We moored about noon and just managed to get the back canopy up as the rain started.  Computer still crashing all the way along but I am getting a dab hand now at stitching up the HTML file before uploading to Waterexplorer.  I wish I could isolate the problem.

So far we have been very lucky with our satellite reception for the TV, which makes my life so much more pleasant as I don't have to listen to Geoff getting cross as he tries to line up the dish!... In fact where we are moored the picture appeared instantly so we must be facing exactly the same way as last night......mind you I don't know why we is the last of the election fiasco's tonight.....

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

They are living mile posts. There is a tree planted by each one, They were set up by the canal society.