Saturday, 23 May 2009

Travelling Again

Just in case anyone thinks we are on our summer holidays!!! This is Geoff en route to Leamington in the pouring rain....I was sheltering below

We had intended to have at least one rest day here to see if my back would improve but it ended up being 3 days (and the back is not better!!) We decided to wait for the weekend as Emma had promised to join us for the Hatton flight of 21 locks. Our mooring at Leamington was quite congenial on the offside near some residential housing but with a public footpath alongside. It was incredibly quiet, but just a short walk away were all the facilities we needed including a huge Sainsburys.

On Friday (22nd May) we moved up to the bottom of the flight stopping en route at Tesco's for a mini stock up. You can moor very close and very conveniently for us we could bring the trolley all the way back to the boat (we did return it!)

Also en route we stopped at Kate Boats. We thought we would top up with diesel as the fuel quay was free. However they would only do a 60/40 split so we did not buy. I have been keeping a spread sheet of our propulsion v domestic split usage and we are running on 20/80 at the moment. We last topped up at Sovereign Boats in Banbury where we could declare and sign for our own split. At that time we were on 30/70.

Emma arrived mid afternoon and in the evening we walked back to the Cape of Good Hope for a drink

Cape of Good Hope
Nothing Personal!

To reach the pub from the towpath we had to walk over the double mitre gates. I am never very keen on this pastime but Barnaby was not having anything to do with it. Emma had to carry him over. Unfortunately the camera decided to play up and I missed recording the very funny sight.

The skipper (Geoff, in case you are wondering!) had decided on a relatively early start (0815) and Emma and I were duly ready. We set off with no other boats in sight but as we were in the first lock we saw another boat approaching so we waited for them. We were joined by Novea Vitae together with Rosie & Jim and the Duck

Rosi, Jim & the Duck

Barnaby is quite good at posing for photo's and we are trying to get a good one to submit for the Labrador Rescue Calendar (no success yet!) As you can see whilst we are locking he wears his least if he falls he we will have something to grab.

Coffee break half way up

Big Hill to Climb

Still some way to go
No More Locks Now
Moored at Kingswood Junction

Emma thought 21 Locks were very hard work!!

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