Friday, 1 May 2009


This was the first time we had met a boat today........sod's law!!

Thursday we had a good run to Fenny Compton, reached there at lunchtime and had our pick of the moorings.

Friday another gentle run down to Cropredy, life has definitely slowed down which is wonderful.

Have not mannaged to sort out sending emails from my phone, still waiting for Orange to call me back..I shall give them another day.

However with the help of John Slee on Epiphany I have solved the problem of sending directly from Outlook. This was a problem that plagued me all last year and it will make life so much easier.

Just helped with a lot of locks!

Barnaby getting more adventurous now, hench the harness

We plan to stay here all weekend as we are still marking time for sister-in-law's birthday celebrations next weeknd. Our first visitors are due tomorrow for the day.

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