Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday 25th May towards Stratford

Kingswood Junction (looking towards Stratford Canal)

We set off at the moderately early time of 0830 to negotiate the junction and start the journey towards Stratford. The start of this involved reversing back to the junction where we were moored and then a sharp turn. Why is it when one is doing things like this that an audience appears! Two men (it would be men) on a boat which had been moored behind us appeared to cease what they were doing and watch me avidly.............they were goal was achieved with nary a bump........
Our big mistake then was to stop at the sanitary point to water etc. By the time we were complete 4 boats had gone ahead of us so it was a slow tripUncritical Audience
We had intended to try and reach Wilmcote as there was a station there for Emma to catch a train back to Lapworth to collect her car. However after 2 1/2 hours travelling 3 miles and 8 locks we decided enough was enough and moored opposite the Fleur de Lys pub in Lowsonford. A pleasant run with no rain, although no sunshine either....yesterday was definitely summer!

Locking is thirsty work

Just opposite our mooring place we have been watching a pair of moorhens diligently making their nest. They have been at work for over 6 hours since we have been here. The male (I think!) goes off to collect twigs etc and brings them back and the female takes them and goes and puts them inside the nest.

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keith said...

Hi Gillian,

Returned from 3 weeks touring Northern England to send out invites for 40th. Anne will ring.