Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Up to Kings Langley

The two pictures below were taken on our way to Rickmansworth. The dredger had got himself stuck and in trying to extricate himself went very firmly aground. This held us up for a short while.

It is nice to see that there are still a few working barges left.

How did I do this?

Working Barges

Sunday morning we awoke to pouring rain and we did wonder why we were venturing outside.

However we went to St Mary's Parish Church in Rickmansworth. Once again a warm welcome. It is a large church with excellent facilities.......I was impressed that they had 3 loos!!!!

Maggie made it out on the tube and we had a pleasant few hours in the White bear pub where Geoff and I enjoyed an excellent Sunday Roast......the cheapest so far this year at £6.95.

Monday morning dawned with a much colder temperature than of late....do we detect the first signs of autumn.....must have missed summer somewhere!

Parga is getting used to this boating scene. As soon as we near the shore for me to put Geoff off at a lock he is first off. After one episode of almost falling in a lock he now sits waiting for Geoff when he crosses over to do the offside paddles. I wouldn't say he waits patiently but at least he sits, although he has the odd whimper.

We passed under the M25 again which is the best way to see it!

When we were within 3 locks of Kings Langley we made contact with Rosemary & Gordon Dolman. They were friends whom we hadn't seen for years and through other friends they discovered we were going to pass past their back garden! They came to join us for the last stretch to Kings Langley and we moored just opposite their house. The kindly had us round to supper in the evening and we had a good catch up. Gordon is a guide at St Albans Cathedral so on Tuesday morning he took us in and we had a conducted tour. It is so much better going round a church with someone who knows the history. The part of the Cathedral below was built from recovered (recycling even then!)) Roman brick and flint.

Their house has a wonderful garden backing onto the canal.

We shall continue early tomorrow as the forecast is for yet more rain in the afternoon. We intend to explore the Aylesbury Arm and would like to be there for the weekend, however there are a lot of locks to negotiate. Yesterday we came through 13 to Kings Langley and did not meet any other boat to share with. I find these double locks on our own a bit tedious..........

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