Saturday, 13 September 2008


Wednesday we continued our journey to Aylesbury. Just below Red House Lock we encountered what you see below. We had been warned by a passing boat but also told that it was possible to get through. In fact we were following another boat so we knew that if he did not reappear all must be well!

Looks like we are in a field!

Entrance to Aylesbury Basin
As soon as we were through the last bridge we saw there were BW moorings along the towpath but we were hailed by someone from the Aylesbury Canal Society and asked how long we wanted to stay and if we had dogs on board. he then directed us to a mooring in the small marina there right in the corner. We were made very welcome and given a list of facilities and a copy of the latest Aylesbury canal Society's Newsletter.
Aylesbury Basin with with Petroc rear centre
The only downside to the mooring was the construction going on just over the fence, apparently a new theatre. The pub just outside the gate which was shown in our guide book was no longer there. However when Giles & family visited us on Thursday evening there were no shortage of places to eat. We had planned to leave on Friday but on Thursday we heard that a lorry had collided with the bridge at lock 14 and the arm was shut whilst it was repaired.
So Friday was a domestic type day. Since we had a water point adjacent Geoff gave Petroc a much needed good wash contribution was the windows!
When the workmen packed up on Friday evening we were not overly impressed to see the article they had left attached to one of the cranes as it was hovering very close overhead. The arm had opened about 1pm but we don't set off at that time of day!
Very adjacent!!
Partially repaired bridge
All was well Saturday morning and we made an early start as we wanted to do all 16 of the locks today. After the first lock there is a Tesco conveniently situated alongside the canal so we stocked up. Not only are they narrow locks on this stretch but also narrow bridges. Geoff walked the majority of them with Parga. Some of them are locked and need the BW key and he managed to leave the keys behind at one lock and whilst he was returning I carried on and managed to misjudge one of the narrow bridges. To avoid hitting it I had to do some nimble reversing in the course of which I felt I had picked something up on the prop. Sod's Law.

Geoff was not impressed

The offending article - part of a red track suit!

The trip did improve and it did not rain on us. Parga is getting very used to locking now but follows Geoff like glue. Pats of the run are very pretty and extremely peaceful.

He has learnt to cross the gates!

I'll just supervise from here!

He is so keen not to let Geoff out of range that he followed too closely over one of the gates and managed to slip in, luckily not into the lock. Geoff hauled him out, and Parga thanked him by shaking all over him!

Ellie prefers to travel in more comfort

Have we worn him out at last?
I'll just help him steer as well!

Looking back down the locks in the direction of Aylsbury
We reached Marsworth junction just after 1pm and by 1.30 were moored up having a well earned beer and lunch.

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Em said...

Glad I wasn't there as Dad was clearing the prop!!! Just take care of Pargie now, no more trying to drown him in locks!! Em xx