Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Marsworth to Fenny Stratford.

One of the reasons for mooring at Marsworth was that there was a Church there and several pubs for us to choose from for our Sunday lunch. We walked up to the church on Sat evening to discover that there was not a service there this week. Nothing daunted we consulted the book and the web and discovered that there was a service in Tring some 3 miles away at 10am....we needed the exercise!!! So we set off early on Sunday for the walk in. We discovered that Tring was a rather nice small town. The service was their family service which was very well done and very full. It turned out that the departing Rector had a narrowboat and so did another of the regular congregation. We were kindly offered a lift back to Marsworth but declined as we had the papers to buy. Wendover Arm head of Navigation just past the last turning point

We walked back a slightly different way. The walk there had taken us down part of the Wendover arm and then the road. This time we went down a different road to the current head of navigation of the arm. This way we completed the journey to yet another head of navigation, albeit on foot this time. Other ones this year are Lechlade (Thames), Godalming (Wey),Hertford(Lea), Bishops Stortford (Stort), Aylesbury(Aylesbury Arm) and maybe we could count Bristol .... not everybody would consider the Severn!
We were successful in find an excellent Sunday Roast in the Anglers Retreat. £6.95 for a good roast with 9 different vegetables! We actually sat in the garden in the sunshine too.
Monday we moved on and moored just above Church Lock south of Leighton Buzzard. We had intended to reach Leighton Buzzard but time was getting on and my back was playing up so Geoffrey took pity and said we could stop!!!

Above Marsworth Lock by the reservoir after our long walk to church

Tuesday we were off early for the short trip to Leighton Buzzard as it was market day. We were in town by 10am but the market was nothing startling. We moored just before the town because of the two dogs but you can moor a little further up right outside Tesco's
Wednesday we had a leisurely start as we wanted to call into Wyvern Shipping boatyard. We have developed a small leak under the front step from what we assume to be the water gauge meter. For the last few days we have been emptying a plastic container. However when they looked at it the man said he had never seen anything like it so no hope of any spares there!! So we plod on with our container. They were however helpful in another way. Geoff discovered earlier in the day that we had lost a set of keys...or to be more precise HE had lost a set of keys!! He thinks he left them at the last place we watered which was Slapton Wharf some 5 miles before Leighton. They were able to sell us an engine key and a BW key as we did not want to continue with only one set. When we reached Fenny Stratford Geoff walked to town where there was a hardware store who did key cutting so managed to get a couple of spares cut for our padlock.
Parga is still with us and gets lots of towpath walking, which also means we do as well! Occasionally he has to stay on the boat when we are locking as in the picture below. He is not impressed to be left out of the action as you can see. But as you can see all this locki work is very tiring!

Two friends together

Please let me out

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