Saturday, 20 September 2008

Fenny Stratford to Cosgrove

Just after leaving Fenny Stratford on Thursday we passed this boat moored at the end of someones garden!!

We moored by bridge 82 so that Geoff could go and explore Milton Keynes as he had never been there. The canal manages to go through Milton Keynes without you being aware of the town apart from a dull roar of traffic in many places. We passed through some lovely park areas which were well kept. However Geoff found the town rather spooky, clear wide roads and everything clean and tidy but very few people and car parks looking surprisingly empty. A huge shopping mall had almost every store you could want and all on one level. The picture below shows an INDOOR dry ski slope and apparently there was also an indoor hang-gliding centre.

Mooring place Milton Keynes by park

After his return from the town we continued and stopped about 1.30 in an open mooring by bridge 75

When Parga is not walking the towpath with either one of us he is not too impressed but makes himself comfortable in the most awkward places!
We set off about 8.30 on Friday with no clear plan, we were conscious that we still had over two weeks and Braunston was creeping ever closer. This is the plan for our last weekend as it is only a short hop from there to Rugby and Petroc's winter home. Consequently we decided not to rush on to Stoke Bruerne for the weekend but stop at Cosgrove. The mooring looked good with a nice wide tow-path so I can have my chair and table out. What is more WE HAVE GOOD WEATHER......
As I write this on Saturday evening we have had several good days and the last two days definitely could be called and Indian Summer......the sky tonight has wispy clouds tinged with red so we are hopeful for tomorrow.

The only sad thing tonight was saying goodbye to Parga. Giles came to collect him to see how they cope with him and the two cats in their new house. It is deemed that that cats have now settled in and should not run away.....however I will have to collect our other car from them when we have put Petroc to bed so if it doesn't work out he can always come back to Cornwall!!

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