Monday, 29 June 2015

Towards the Hatton Flight

A leisurely start to the day as Geoff wanted to stop near a barbers he had visited before to see if he could get his beard trimmed etc......

We moored at the designated spot (outskirts of Leamington) he remembered and went in search.   He found no less than 4 barbers....1 was shut on Mondays, one didn't open until 10am (it was still 9.15!), one was fully booked and one had a young girl in it who didn't like doing beards!!!  So he came back to Petroc a disappointed and still shaggy man!

Lidl's moorings were free so a top up shop was done and we carried on to moor a couple of locks after the Cape Locks, all ready for the Hatton flight tomorrow.

We passed this so were not tempted to moor!

Total distance:5.17 miles 
Elapsed time:4h4m59s 
Average speed:1.27 mph (2.00 lock/mph) 


BigJohn said...

Is there anything wrong with shaggy men?

Gillian Lovegrove said...

That depends