Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rest Day at Radford Semele

We are moored opposite a field full of poppies.  They go to sleep at night and you can hardly see them!

We awoke to a grey rainy morning but since we had not planned to move it was not a disaster.

Geoff and Barney braved the rain to buy the Sunday papers whilst I prepared our weekly cooked breakfast.

Later we went up to St Nicholas Church for their 10.30 service.  See the link for the story of their arson attack and subsequent rebuilding.   One of the parishioners was belatedly celebrating his 80th birthday so instead of coffee we were offered a glass of bubbly...

An unusual stained glass window in the restored and very modern interior
and an explanation of the symbolism of the window.

Geoff then took Barney for a long walk to find a pub that had been recommended by someone at church.   Whilst there he discovered some news that may alter our plans for the next few weeks.  It is Stratford River festival next weekend, followed by Evesham River Festival the weekend afterwards!   These are the two weekends we had sort of planned to be around those it is back to the drawing board at the moment and as yet no new decision has been imparted to me.....
Watch this space........................................................

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