Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Working hard!!

Wednesday 7th October
Two busy days and we are both ready to go cruising again.
Yesterday started with having to purchase a new battery for the car.....6 months sitting had done it a power of no good......followed by a trip to Rugby's very efficient A&E dept. Geoff's slight chest pains had not receded and since he is not prone to indigestion and also ordered by elder daughter Emma, we duly paid a visit. They were extremely efficient and quick, and he had an ECG and all the rest of the good things, had his stomach pummelled by the doctor, and was then pronounced fit to work!!!! Personally I had thought all along that his "unwellness" was an attempt to get out of varnished various parts of Petroc amongst other things!!!! Still I must not be uncharitable as today is our wedding anniversary..37 years.... Since we had been out to eat for the past 2 evenings we had agreed that we would stay in and eat the remnants of the freezer and we would not get each other anything as it was just something else to carry home. So I didn't get anything for him.........but felt very bad when I found a bottle of bubbly, a bar of my favourite chocolate of the moment AND a card waiting for me this morning....can't win them all.
Another cleaning and sorting day looms tomorrow

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