Tuesday, 13 October 2009

End of the season for us

Tuesday 13th October

So endeth another season on Petroc. We are both agreed that we have had a good time this year, despite the weather earlier on.

Petroc is now snugly tucked up for the winter at Clifton Cruisers and we are home in Cornwall, which seems very strange at the moment. Barnaby is none too sure where he is. Since we only had him in February he has lived more on the boat than Cornwall so he is still taking stock.

Petroc Moored behind Archie. because they are the same colours a towpath walker asked us if they were related!
Clifton Cruisers with Barnaby's friend Heidi on patrol

Looking down Clifton Arm where Petroc is tucked up securely in the paint dock.

See you all next April!


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