Saturday, 3 October 2009

Newbold upon Avon

Saturday 4th October

Shallow Lock at Hawkesbury Junction
Greyhound Pub
Inside Greyhound
Although we had been through Hawkesbury Junction a couple of times we had never been into the Greyhound pub so decided to rectify the matter last night. We found one of the nicest and most convivial pubs we had been in all summer. We were quite sorry that supper was all prepared on Petroc and all we had come for was a pre prandial drink!
I thought that we had not moored at Hawkesbury before and that was the reason we had not been into the pub, but Geoffrey told me that we had moored here but that we had had a difference of opinion over mooring so there had been no point in going to the pub as we weren't speaking!!!!!! I cannot say I remember any such incident........fancy having an argument over mooring!!
This morning we rectified the matter of a meal in the Greyhound by partaking of one of their Boater's Breakfasts...this set us up wonderfully for the ride to Newbold.
We made it to Newbold in about 4 hours. This included a spell behind a ve.............ry slow boat. We do not travel fast but you do need a little bit of power to have steerage way.........anyway they eventually they me go past. Geoff was walking the towpath at the time with Barnaby. It was the windiest ride of the year, but luckily dry. It was an uneventful trip apart from the fact that we think we may have something round the prop, so later on Geoffrey has one of his least favourite tasks to perform!
We shall also suss out the two pubs and decide which offers the best Sunday Lunch where we will be joined by friends Fran & Keith. (Sussed out now and booked at the Barley Mow and checked on Church times)

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