Monday, 5 October 2009

Back at Clifton Cruisers

Monday 5th October
Yesterday was a day of rest......Church at Newbold in the morning followed by lunch at the Barley Mow with friends Fran & Keith.
Geoff has been feeling a little under the weather since Sat evening, complaining of indigestion and just not feeling too good. However being a man he refuses to go anywhere to get checked out, although he has promised that if he still has these slight pains in his chest tomorrow he will consider going.
A very short run today back to Clifton and a phone call to Jim at Rose Narrowboats confirmed that the paint I had ordered was in so after the car's battery was charged I rushed off to collect it. The forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain showers so I was determined to get the sides of the boat done. By 4pm the mission was accomplished much to my delight, the hardest part was getting all the black paint out of my nails....I am a very messy painter!! I had even turned Petroc on my own being to impatient to wait for Geoff to return from his shopping and car wash.
It is very narrow where we moor and lots of boats going up and down so I waited for a quiet period with no boats in sight and managed 50% of the task before boats were coming from both directions........almost like Piccadilly Circus!! However it was achieved without bumping any other boats although I must confess not without the occasional touch on the bow thruster!!
Barnaby was very pleased to see his friend Heide the Alsatian and they have been running and playing most of the day.
We were also pleased to see Victoria and Phil again, although Paul & Helen are away cruising.
More jobs on Petroc tomorrow, a trip to Braunston is first on the agenda to take our cratch cover for some small repairs.

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BigJohn said...

Hope Geoff is feeling better. Feel for you getting ready to leave Petroc - but you haver got Cornwall to look forward to