Sunday, 27 April 2008

Weekend at Napton

With the engine sorted out we were free to enjoy our relaxing Sunday. In the morning Geoff & I walked up to the church for the service which was billed as Sunday@11. This turned out to be their family service and was very lively and informal. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming.

At 12.30 Emma arrived with Parga the labrador. Nephew Marc and girlfriend Mel also came. Parga and I went for a good walk along the towpath whilst everyone else watched the Grande Prix after which we all repaired to the Kings Head pub for our Sunday lunch.

Back at Petroc Parga decided to guard his patch of the canal. After some stern words he decided not to jump in the canal and chase the ducks! He just remained on guard outside the boat whilst Ellie took a much more laid back approach.

Soon after these pictures were taken the rain we had been promised for earlier in the day arrived with a vengeance. Thunder & Lightning and very heavy showers.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Geoff and Gill
Thinking of you as we are about to leave for 2 weeks in a lovely hotel in Cyprus.
Hope all is well.
Graham and Julie