Saturday, 26 April 2008

A little further on

Definitely only a little further.....we left Calcutt yesterday and travelled all of a couple of miles to Napton-on-the-Hill. We wanted to be somewhere accessible for Emma at the weekend and also have a church and a pub!! We moored in a nice open spot by the Bridge at Napton pub by bridge 111. We had a good circular walk up to Napton which is at the top of a steep hill and came back to sample the pub. Good for a drink but decided that their Sunday lunches were not in our preferred price range!

Saturday morning we did the walk to the village again but the other way round the circle and found the Kings Head pub on the main road which does a carvery from 12-5. Sounds more our cup of tea as we have Emma coming with Parga the chocolate lab and also nephew Marc and girlfriend. Ellie should be pleased to see her friend Parga. Parga really belongs to Giles and Boe but he came on his Cornish Holidays last October and stayed until the end of March, so she must be missing him!

Tea time today Geoff went to start the engine to top up the batteries and found that all was not well. With his knowledge of engines soon exhausted we have called River Canal Rescue. As luck would have it we decided to join last week. There is a waiting period of 72 hours and so our membership started today!! We are now awaiting the arrival of the engineer........................

Later. Well all is now well again with the engine. The service from RCR (River Canal Rescue) was excellent. An engineer arrived in about 2 hours and discovered we had water in the diesel. In just over 1/2 an hour the job was done. How glad we are that we decided to join. We joined last Tuesday and there is a 72 hour lead-in period so Saturday was our first day of lucky can you get?

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