Thursday, 24 April 2008

Still getting sorted out

We did say we were not in a hurry and we are certainly sticking to that idea! Wednesday we took ourselves a little further and moored just short of Braunston. Once again a lovely spot with the tall spire of Braunston Church looking down on us. Walked up through the fields and then round to tradline fenders to buy some new pipe fenders (we lost 4 last year!) and 2 new steel clips for the other fenders. Lovely walk in the sunshine and we did our share of gongoozling en route.

Thursday morning we had arranged to take our cratch cover to A J Canopies to have one of the poppers replaced. The rain which had been forecast to come through during the night arrived at 0845 just as we were setting off.....however if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have they say. A J Canopies were brilliant. Very friendly and helpful. The job was done in 5 minutes (comes of having the right tools) and they provided us with some spare poppers and screws for the boat end with no charge. With the cover back in place we set off for Calcutt boats. The central heating had failed on Wednesday morning (Geoff was not pleased!!!!).
Sunshine most of the way but just short of our destination a very ugly black cloud was seen to be rapidly approaching. Discretion being the better part etc we hastily pulled into the offside and tied up to let it go through. When we eventually reached Calcutt they were very helpful and their engineer managed to sort out the problem. It was mainly done under the guarantee but we had to pay for an extra 1/2 hours labour because of the way the unit had been fitted. It is very inaccessible and the engineer had to disconnect several extra bits to get at it!!
We are also waiting for a visit from Darren as two of the windows are leaking in the rain, one of which he was supposed to have fixed during the winter.
Repair of central heating done we came back up Calcutt Top Lock and moored for the night. Weather is alternatively lovely sunshine and heavy showers.

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