Tuesday, 22 April 2008

We are on our way

Well we have cut the umbilical cord from Clifton Marina. No more car and no more shore power. We chose a good day for our shakedown cruise as the sun shone at times and the temperature took an upward leap. We have travelled the great distance of 5 miles, negotiated 3 locks and were on the go for about 3 1/2 hours!! We are just short of Braunston between bridges 81 & 82 in lovely open countryside. A field of cows is opposite and beyond that a field of sheep. Whilst Geoff had his customary siesta Ellie and I managed to sit on the shore for a while....what bliss...this is what it is all about. The washing machine was in action whilst we were travelling and clothes dried on the towpath when we stopped.

Our stay at Clifton for 5 days allowed us to get settled aboard and they were as helpful as always. Geoff arrived back with Ellie on Saturday evening after her short break with John & Rosi Lillis, one of her two holiday homes. I am not sure how pleased she is to be back aboard. She is much slower than last year and I don't think she will be walking much of the towpath with us. However she is comfortable asleep in her bed in the cratch with me as I write this.

I have given in and acquired a mobile broadband modem from "3". However whilst it is capable of broadband it obviously depends on the reception just like a mobile phone and so far it keeps reverting to 3G speed. However it means I can connect any time I like so long as I keep within my 1GB allowance.

Made my first visit to a local church at Clifton-upon-Dunsmore, St Mary the Virgin. Geoff had come back from Cornwall full of cold so decided not to inflict his germs on the local population. It was "Worship for All" their version of family service. Good hymns but not very many young people in evidence.

Another front is forecast but we are hoping it will go through during the night. Another short day is planned for tomorrow as we have several things to do in Braunston. We need some new fenders and fender holders and we need to visit AJ Canopies as some of the studs on our canopy have become squashed and will not function.

I think we (Geoff) have decided that our route to London will be via the Oxford and not the Grand Union but all things are possible until we have taken the right fork at Braunston.

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