Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Slowly back to Rugby

Tuesday 2ND JULY
Braunston Church stands out for miles.

The two iron bridges at the triangular Braunston Turn mark the current junction between the Oxford and Grand Union Canals.  They were constructed when the Oxford Canal was re-routed in 1834.

Short hop to Braunston.  We turned right at the junction to do loos and rubbish and shopping.   Just managed to find one space after turning in the marina entrance.

  Lots of boats still moored after the Historic Boats rally at the weekend.  It was only a short stop as the goal was open country again as we were meeting up with Krystyl again.......have got into a sort of rhythm of per supper drinks each night, alternating boats!!!  Very pleasant. Moored just beyond bridge 88 overlooking fields full of sheep.  Drinks on Petroc this evening

Total distance:3.25 miles 
Elapsed time:1h40m33s 
Average speed:1.94 mph (1.94 lock/mph) 


Total distance:1.01 miles 
Elapsed time:0h32m42s 
Average speed:1.84 mph (1.84 lock/mph) 

An even shorter hop today all the way to the moorings just beyond bridge 81, there was plenty of space when we arrived but by the evening it was full with about a dozen boats.   Lots of boat traffics passing in both directions now, such a change from a couple of weeks ago but maybe just because of where we are.  Yesterday one managed to clunk us twice on his way past......when Geoff stuck his head out from the side hatch and enquired politely (sic) what he thought he was doing the bloke said he had to come close to avoid a boat going in the other direction.   Geoff is obviously going blind as he failed to see another boat!!!
Drinks on Krystal this evening.........

How nice to be in England, if only summer would stay for more than a day.......
Total distance 2.18 miles 
Elapsed time:1h05m
Average speed:2 mph  

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