Monday, 1 July 2013

Lots more locks

We had agreed on a moderately early start with Krystal but in the event we were both ready earlier than we said, so set off.   The first 10 locks were all set in our favour so it was a good run up.

5 done, 5 to go

Crew of Geoff and Sharon working hard.
I had made a contribution to the lock working by walking to and setting the first lock!!  Sharon is obviously stronger than me as I found the paddles very stiff...........glad to hand back to Geoff as he rose in the first lock.

At the top of the Stockton flight we passed the Boat Inn pub all boarded up and looking very forlorn.

By the time we reached the Calcutt 3 locks we had a single boat in front of us but this didn't cause too much of a hold up.  As we reached the junction at Napton we had to hang back a while as several boats appeared suddenly one of which was President.  Some of them were obviously returning from the Historic Boat Rally at Braunston this past weekend.

We moored between bridge 101 and 102 with a lovely open view and settled down to another lazy afternoon in the sun..........and finished the day with pre-supper drinks on Krystal again.......what a life
Total distance:6.56 miles 
Elapsed time:4h2m25s 
Average speed:1.62 mph 
(4.84 lock/mph) 

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