Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cruising again

Back on board Petroc, how nice to be home.........
Had a great holiday down the Rhine with SAGA..........good food, plentiful wine, good company but boy was it hot.  
After all that hot weather we set off from Clifton today with a hint of rain in the air and overcast, BUT I am not complaining as it was a much better temperature to travel in.    Decided to do a longish day today as we are expecting visitors on Tuesday next and we would like to be in Banbury to collect them.    We were unsure which way we would go when we set off again but the Oxford is one of our favourite canals and very convenient if you are having visitors as the railway runs along a lot of it and there are several good pick up points.

We were reunited with Barney at the weekend as he had been holidays with Giles and family in Goring,
He was pleased to be reunited with his Monkey!!!
Although we cruised for longer than normal today it was very pleasant and relaxing.   Not too hot, gentle breeze and lovely countryside....what more could one want.......although I did get a tad annoyed when the hire boat in front decided to go at snails pace.........I mean there is SLOW AND S......L......O......W.  Eventually I had no power on at all and was just coasting along....I think he was just daydreaming......... I ended up hooting at him, very naughty of me.
Total distance:14.25 miles 
Elapsed time:5h57m40s
Average speed:2.39 mph (2.89 lock/mph) 

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